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Below you will find a few selections from our Coffy TV Channel, including live recordings at The Punany Poets Sex Education Theater Shows. Watch more at CoffyTV.com Please #like and #subscribe at YouTube.
The Verbal Penetration film is available for a Coffy Box Watch Party!
Daddy Cole, "The Dom"
Punany's Pearl, "Pearls for X Visions of You"
The Perfect Lap Dance by The Punany Poets' Golden
"High Heels and Cleavage" by Golden
Punany's Pearl, "Golden's Masquerade"
Dr. Nyrobi Moss in "The Games People Play," The Punany Poets, 21 Theater.
"Scenes of Novacane," The Punany Poets.
"Adult Night School" is available for production. Contact info@hipinc.org to option the script and to secure exclusive production.
Dr. Nyrobi Moss demonstrates BDSM in this scene from the Big Bottom Bash in California.
S.L.A.M. poetry, Punany Style
The Punany Poet's found, Jessica Holter in a rare Booking signing and reading.
"Storytelling" by Red Summer